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Our Datasets

Make your demos tell a story with our curated datasets


Based on real-world samples and trends rather than randomised data.


Demo data tailored to your industry, use case, and product.


We offer monthly, weekly, and daily updates on our datasets.


You choose the format in which you receive the data.

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We can host your dataset for you on high-performance databases.

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Fully transparent pricing tailored to your needs.

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Use better data to help you engage your prospects.

Demo Data is a company built by veterans in the data, analytics, and AI software industries. When demoing products to prospective customers, we all felt the same frustration at giving a generic demo using data that was irrelevant to the prospect's industry, and at the lack of available realistic data to build robust machine learning models. We're passionate about solving this problem by providing live, real-world datasets tailored to various sectors to bring your demos to life and better train your ML models.

Your product needs to tell a story.

Our demo datasets are based on real-world data and trends. We also "hide" interesting insights in them for your analytics or AI product to unravel in front of your prospects.

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